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Frequently Asked Questions

FHG is an organization with a network of successful people working together to alleviate poverty as well as support everyone to be better version of themselves by mentoring and coaching ready and willing individuals on 2 in 1 business which are Digital skills and network marketing for free.

Yes, analysis shows that 90% of business Customers engage more and feel more secure when the online presence of the business is strong. The internet is where everyone and anyone can access any piece of information instantly and also have relationship with others by just pressing few buttons, hence digital skills used in settling this up can never lose its place of relevance in the internet world.

The organization renders services across the globe, and can work with anyone with internet access

Yes, you can find the registration page, you have to contact the team leader or any of the instructors via the instructor page or the whatsapp chat widget to grant you access.

The notion and aim of the organization is to reach out in support to the lowest and the highest, it demands nothing from anyone than a willingness to work, a heart to learn, the readiness to be better and share the opportunity with everyone around

As once said by a great man “the best time to start was 20years ago, the second time is now “

You can start right away

The rules of the organization is based on sets of expected moral coordination expected from responsible individuals only, and are just set in place to coordinate the organization around one focus which is to achieve better.

There are no set time or limit to the progress an individual can make in the organization and there is always room for overtaking, your success depends greatly on how much value  you are ready to invest and how ready are you to invest it. Are you still doubting? it takes more of action to be great, not just thoughts.